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About Us

Wildlife Conservation Society – Galle, which was established in 1993, is a non-profit organization which registered under Central Environmental Authority as an environmental organization. The society aims to create an interest in wildlife among the general public in Sri Lanka and work with dedication towards conservation.

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Protecting flora and fauna through habitat and species conservation, awareness campaigns, and research efforts with a special focus on the south-western rainforests of Sri Lanka


We engage in both species-specific conservation and habitat conservation programs, specifically focusing on the southwest region of Sri Lanka.

Education & Community Awareness

We conduct education and awareness programs designed for school children, university students, and the general public on the importance of wildlife, ecosystems, and conserving life for future generations.

Research & Collaborations

We support the long-term conservation of species through active research and collaborative studies with universities and other organizations

Our Research Stations

Environmental Research and
Education Center and
Animal Rescue and Rehabilitaion Centre, Hiyare, Galle
Sinharaja Base Camp and Natalie Ratnavira Education and Research
Research and Weather Monitoring Center, Morningside Eastern
For more than two decades, our unwavering commitment has been to protect the beauty of our nature and the communities that call it home.

Join us as we continue to nurture, protect and celebrate the wilderness, ensuring its legacy for generations to come...

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WCSG will never stop fighting for a greener, healthier world. Our goal is to save the planet for our children. Help us to win.

Fighting for Greenery

The Sri Lanka lowland rainforests represent the country’s tropical rainforests below 1,000 m (3,281
ft) in elevation, primarily situated in the southwestern part of the island. They are home to the majority of endemic and threatened flora and
fauna found in Sri Lanka. Our efforts are dedicated to protecting the Sri Lanka lowland rainforests, as by doing so, we aim to safeguard its wildlife.

Lowland rain forests cover of Sri Lanka
The lowland rain forests cover 124,340.8 ha in total and accounts for 2.14 percent of Sri Lanka's land are.
Remaining forests cover in the Wet Zone
The remaining forests cover only 4.6 percent of the wet zone.


Between 1990 and 2005, Sri Lanka has showed one of the highest deforestation rates of primary forests in the world.

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