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A society under the name of Wildlife Conservation Society of Galle was established in 1993 in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Galle. The society is registered in the Central Environmental Authority under the reg. no.6/6/17/30.

The objectives of the society are to create an interest for wildlife in Sri Lanka among the school children and the general public and work with dedication towards the conservation of the wildlife in the country.To achieve these objectives, the society has made untiring efforts through the conduction of exhibitions, lectures, excursions and many more community based programs in many parts of the country.

The society works closely with University Academics, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, foreign experts etc. giving its services in the way of expert knowledge, field guidance and assistance.

During the course of years, our members have gathered vast experience and Knowledge in conservation methods of bio-diversity and are now suitably qualified for undertaking its own research programs. We have now established our own projects office at Galle with sufficient facilities for research. The society has been an equal partner in a number of collaborative research projects assisted form Department of Wildlife Conservation, Forest Department, National Maritime Museum, National Museum, University of Ruhuna and The Open University of Sri Lanka.

During the last decade, members of the society had made some pioneering research and have been able discover several new faunal species, thus making a tremendous

New white monkey color morph found in Sri Lanka's rain forest

Sept 11, Colombo: The members of Galle Wildlife Conservation Association say that they have identified a new color morph of white monkeys from Sri Lanka's World Heritage site of Sinharaja rain forest. The researchers have confirmed that the new color morph was not an albino of the common black monkey found in Sinharaja forest. Chairman of Galle Wildlife Conservation Association Madura de Silva said that they traced this white monkey color morph in several places in the southern region of the Sinharaja forest during a survey conducted with the assistance of the Biodiversity Unit of the Ministry of Environment. The group issued the photos of the white monkeys they took following the information from the treacle tappers in the border villages of Sinharaja. The research team has observed 26 monkey troops in the rain forests and home gardens around Galle and Matara districts and found 30 individuals with unusual white color in 14 troops. The group comprising Madura de Silva, Nadika Hapuarachchi and P.A. Rohan Krishantha, reports that the white monkey is a color morph of the southern purple faced leaf langer and systematic DNA testing is needed to determine subspecies and form accurate maps of locations. Download Original Paper (PDF)